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DJ Psychofreud
(, Knowledge and Wisdom, Norway
PsychoFreud from Oslo, Norway, has been making drumandbass since 1995 and been DJ'ing since 1999. Since then he has found his own unique production style mainly in the ragga drumandbass genre, and his tracks are being played everywhere from Europe to both coasts in the US, in Canada, Japan, and the Ivory Coast. His DJ style is mixing hard dancefloor fillers with his own ragga drumandbass tracks, and he never fails to please the crowd. His promise to himself is to play at least one unplayed dubplate at every new venue he spins at. Expect to hear both hard drumandbass classics, new nice tracks, and ragga drumandbass dubs.

PsychoFreud has also been producing hiphop for many years as well as making riddims for reggae and dancehall artists. He runs a weekly reggae show at Oslos largest radio station, Radio Oslo; called YARD Radio. PsychoFreud is part of the YARD Crew, Bulletproof Bloodclaat, Blodklut Lyd and crew. Many of his tracks can be streamed at

(Breakbeat Science, Planet of the Drums, Konkrete Jungle)

On arriving in the US from Ireland in 1994, Dara quickly established himself as one of the top DJs on the US scene. Now every weekend finds him spinning in different cities across the country. Since his first record release in 1995, Dara has produced a string of highly successful singles and remixes as well as his 1997 full-length debut "Halfway Home (sm-e communications) has been a huge critical and commercial success.

As a result from both his successful DJing and recording endeavors, Dara has become one of the most recognizable faces on the US drum 'n' bass scene. He has been featured in countless magazine appearances and interviews both in the US and worldwide. He can be found making his annual appearance at the legendary Notting Hill Carnival along with raves and clubs all across the US. For some time Dara was also the host of a weekly web-TV show Velocity on which he has interviewed some of the leading names in drum 'n' bass, including Jonny L, Kemistry and Storm, Trace, Ed Rush and Optical, Hype, Andy C, Zinc, SS and many others.

Dara is currently working on single releases for his own imprint, Breakbeat Science Recordings, including the upcoming BBSCI003 release "Possession / Duplicity (Klute Rmx)" which is being caned on plate at the moment. In 2000, Dara completed From Here To There, a new mixed CD on Moonshine that features some amazing tracks. These include Dara's own "Duplicity" (Klute Remix), as well as set opener "Crazy" by L Double & Serena, DJ Hype's "The Big 3-Oh," two tracks from John B ("Prowler" and "Progress"), Kenny Ken's "Project One" and numerous other top tracks.

Soon, Dara will join forces once again with AK1200 and Dieselboy for their second annual Planet of the Drums Tour. Planet of the Drums was born out of frustration due to lack of exposure and professionalism for Drum n Bass in the States and with Dara, AK and Dieselboy each others main competition, it made perfect sense to band together and hit the road.

Along with touring nation wide, Dara has been recording some original tracks and putting them out on his Breakbeat Science and Orgone Recordings imprints. Breakbeat Science is not only his label, but it is also the first and biggest drum n bass store, co-founded by Dara. Dara has done an array of remixes including on singles from DJs such as Keoki, Pizzicato Five, Dog Eat Dog, Black Nostaljack and Afrika Bambaata.

Amen Assassins feat. DJ Willie Ross and Vinyl Fatigue
(, Strong Island, NY)

Dj Willie Ross in a native out of long beach, long island NY. currently in the works of his first album release dubbed "mrs. millers house", with partner in crime Dj Wally, a down beat trip hop treat set for release in late spring 2005. Also he's currently involved with the production of two drum n bass releases with nyc's own, the burner bros, and Pish Posh. release dates set for early summer 2005. this up n comer is no newbie behind the decks, rinsein out jungle riddems since 1998. As a fan of the konkrete jungle explosion in 1994 @ coney island high, the love began and never stopped. keep ur ears open in the 2005 , vinyl fatigue and dj willie ross bringin' it for the Amen Assassins Krew!

Vinyl Fatigue is local to long island, raised in Long Beach, grew up playing drums in deathmetal and hardcore bands, then willie ross got him into jungle, from then on, he was on a never ending voyage, for all the old school records that he had missed out on. Smooth behinds the decks and comming up strong on production. amen assassins was his goal to bring back the old sound, and will never stop.
Behind the decks willie ross and vinyl fatigue bring a feeling that hasnt been felt in a while. be ready to get up and move your feet!

DJ Big Ears
(Hardmind Productions,, Twist 1, Stay 2uned)

A long time friend of Hardmind and rave culture as a whole, it was only natural DJ Big Ears would evolve into the thriving artist he is today. Influenced by years of Hardcore and Jungle as a soldier on the dancefloor, this headstrong individual set out to inject his own flavor into underground dance culture. Blending raw mash-up, ragga, dark step, and hard step, this man laughs in the face of the status quo and serves up the variety and personality needed to satisfy the old school and educate the new. MC's:

When Available TC Izlam
(Zulu Nation, Hipstep Massive, Konkrete Jungle) Zezo One
(Urban Aboriginee Productions, Hevy Metal Entertainment, Konkrete Jungle)
MC Stada
(Darcsun, Hieratic Soundz, Konkrete Jungle)

The Pyramid
101 Avenue A between 6th & 7th streets,
NY, NY 10002
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Door: Open @ 11pm
18 to dance / 21 to drink - ID A MUST
$10/$8 w/flyer or guest list
$5 b4 midnight w/flyer or guest list